a list o' pone

Coconut Cream
"Cotton Sky"+daughter (+ "Winter Lotus")
Limestone Pie
Sunset Shimmer
Starlight Glimmer
Fleur de Lis
Sassy Saddles
Lemon Hearts
Apple Brown Betty
Peachy Sweet
Lightning Dust
Golden Harvest
Strawberry Sunrise
Cherry Jubilee
Torch Song
Pursey Pink
Perfect Pie
Lady Justice
Vapor Trail
Prim Hemline
Dewdrop Dazzle, Honeybuzz, Electric Sky, Magnet Bolt, Cherry Pie, Cherry Berry, Candy Apples, Diamond Rose, Diamond Mint, Plumsweet, Lavender Fritter, Lulu Luck, Fleetfoot, Florina Tart, Tropical Storm, Rainbow Flash, Stella Lashes, Cherry Spices, Green Jewel, Vidale Swoon, Blueberry Curls, Ruby Splash, Apple Fritter, Hollydash, Roseluck, Flower Wishes, Lily Valley, Apple Honey, Caramel Apple, Lilac Links, Sea Swirl, Berry Dreams/Punch...Feathermay+all toys

re: Wankers on the Wall "Best Death" voting

I bet the cancellation of the Stark-based prequel and simultaneous greenlighting of the Targaryen one is half the disappointment with the end of the second Long Night, and half attempted appeasement of Dany/Targ lovers. Plus there’s source material for this one. 
The foreshadowing of a Jonerys baby was insanely strong to have gone nowhere whatsoever. I still feel as if I only saw an abridged final season. I suppose it’s a fair point that GRRM might not want to end on another incest baby as future ruler, buuuut... 
-I love that Meli was ultimately the reason humanity was saved (for better or worse...) Her goal fulfilled, she stuck around no longer...<3 I’d never seen her as evil despite some of her appalling actions.  -I did view Cersei as a villain. And Littlefinger. He was basically Discord, agent of chaos. (Almost everyone got stupider as the series went on and they had no GRRM material to draw from, though, of course.) I believed Varys was a largely selfless cutie since S1, but…

oh, the chucklefuckery.

This blog shall serve as a replacement for Google+, which was essentially the only place you could put character-limitless text shit! 

Below: lengthy reactions to clownery. #DaenerysDefenseSquad 

10000% "YAASSS" @ Soman85 (s/he RULES and Tyrion's "first she came for" speech was repugnant & offensive af), TormundsWoman, Adam, Nick20, Kevin, Wolfish, Adrianacandle, TB, Derp, 6thofhisname, & anybody else.
If Dany were the type to go pointlessly snuffing out innocent civilians, she could easily have done so at some previous time. Mere words from advisers wouldn't have prevented it up until the very end. She wasn't a madwoman itching to break free of their magical control.
She had Jon's love even if it was no longer romantic. He was more than delighted to pass the crown to her anyway, making it a nonissue even if they didn't strategically wed.

Nobody in KL did anything to indicate support for either queen, and Dany had neglected to even run…