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to zis: (I love that precious lass more than life itself, no in the end the greatest gift GoT gave me was the discovery of my new favorite singing actress+person ever. Which suffices.) But if they were gonna chat with her, couldn't they have tried to go for an interesting new article instead of deliberately fishing for the same regurgitated-for-the-hundredth-time, dance-around-the-issues script that you know every cast member began prepping right after the table read? It still smarts that after years of intense engrossment and jubilant excitement, I won't be able to rewatch one of television's greatest achievements without leaving off the last three episodes and filling in the end for myself. I anticipated an end at least on par with the rest, and was betrayed. Never in my wildest dreams did I see them pretty much racing through a list of quickest, dumbest ways to wreck the story and going with them, but here we are. I didn't have one specific acc

GoT S8 Commentary commentary:

-Yikes. They couldn't interest too many of the most-wanted actors in doing these for this season, eh? Surprise, surprise? 8-/ -Best tidbit out of any of 'em: Liam: "That's the thing about koalas, they all have chlamydia." Director: "...ACTION!" Everybody: "O_O" -The most interesting episode ("The Long Night") got a full THREE commentaries, yet they ALL managed to be impossibly boring. Detached, technical, impersonal, unimpassioned. One actor. Few if any intriguing set stories or insights or whatnot. Ffs. They had so little to say on the third, you might as well have been watching the episode at regular volume. The "Winterfell" one was fine, and the second half of the season (ewwwwwwww) increased the actor participation...didn't help though. "The Starks are closed-minded"--yer damn right, Jacob. And yes, Cersei was your Mad Queen. -_- Trying to force that mantle on Dany was some sorta epic trash. -"Knig

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EARTHS (4): Doug - green w/ dark brownish-black hair Skeeter - teal-green w/ same kinda hair as Doug Al & Moo - very light blue w/ blonde hair PEGASI (5): Judy - dark purple w/ red hair Roger - neon green w/ red hair (and his mom's got the awesome fuchsia hair--dem ponies have such excellent genes] Connie - light, bright green w/ indigo-purple hair Chalky - yellow-green w/ mint green hair Boomer - orange w/ bright green hair UNICORNS (5): Patti - either blue or pink w/ blonde hair...probably the blue w/ pink dots cutie mark, and skin tone in there somewhere Beebe - lavender w/ red hair Willie - tan-gold w/ dark purple hair Ned - light whitish-pink ("basic Caucasian skin color") w/ the auburnish hair Larry - pink w/ like, no hair xD Hey Arnold pone HA on DA photobucket after having to remove most of it after 16 years or so and put it on the way less satisfactory google photos...all the hundreds (thousands?) of gorge created ponies & brilliantly ponified chara

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I bet the cancellation of the Stark-based prequel and simultaneous greenlighting of the Targaryen one is half the disappointment with the end of the second Long Night, and half attempted appeasement of Dany/Targ lovers. Plus there’s source material for this one.  The foreshadowing of a Jonerys baby was insanely strong to have gone nowhere whatsoever. I still feel as if I only saw an abridged final season. I suppose it’s a fair point that GRRM might not want to end on another incest baby as future ruler, buuuut...  -I love that Meli was ultimately the reason humanity was saved (for better or worse...) Her goal fulfilled, she stuck around no longer...<3 I’d never seen her as evil despite some of her appalling actions.  -I did view Cersei as a villain. And Littlefinger. He was basically Discord, agent of chaos. (Almost everyone got stupider as the series went on and they had no GRRM material to draw from, though, of course.) I believed Varys was a largely selfless cutie sinc

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This blog shall serve as a replacement for Google+, which was essentially the only place you could put character-limitless text shit!  Below: lengthy reactions to  clownery . #DaenerysDefenseSquad  10000% "YAASSS" @ Soman85 (s/he RULES and Tyrion's "first she came for" speech was repugnant & offensive af), TormundsWoman, Adam, Nick20, Kevin, Wolfish, Adrianacandle, TB, Derp, 6thofhisname, & anybody else. If Dany were the type to go pointlessly snuffing out innocent civilians, she could easily have done so at some previous time. Mere words from advisers wouldn't have prevented it up until the very end. She wasn't a madwoman itching to break free of their magical control. She had Jon's love even if it was no longer romantic. He was more than delighted to pass the crown to her anyway, making it a nonissue even if they didn't strategically wed. Dany can’t be blamed for being focused on the throne after having delayed her trip to Wester